Show Some Integrity on Sex Match Sites

  • You have to remember that your most important asset and possession on this planet is your
    character, so a little bit of integrity goes a long way. Now, with that said, here are some quick
    tips on how to be that guy that women desire on free fuck sites.
    Put on your best game
    You have to understand that just because you go in a place where women are looking for hot
    anonymous sex that it’s not going to be a slam dunk. It’s not that you’re just going to stick
    your dick out, and all these random chicks come running trying to suck your dick. It doesn’t
    work that way. You have to put on your best game. In other words, you have to be cordial.
    You have to be respectful. You have to treat women nicely. You have to give them the respect
    that they deserve. Even when you find them on quality sex match sites like
    Sure, a lot of these women would quickly drop on their knees and suck a random dude’s dick
    but that doesn’t mean that she no longer is worthy of respect. Every human being must be
    respected so act accordingly.
    These women are not sluts and whores
    A lot of thing that you need to keep in mind is your mindset. A lot of guys think that
    automatically, these women are prostitutes and otherwise immoral fucked up creatures. That
    thinking is messed up. Why? Because it gives you a license to treat them like shit. Let’s put it
    this way. Do not treat these women any differently than you would treat a woman that you
    love, cherish, and respect. Again, a little respect goes a long way because it makes you more
    attractive. It makes you a more desirable person. Also, it makes you a good person and these
    are values that you should cherish in the first place.
    Be compassionate
    It’s really important to understand the secret to getting a lot of pussy is to step up out of
    yourself. Most guys don’t get this. Most guys are pigs. Pigs are greedy. All they care about
    are their needs. That’s why when these guys end up fucking chicks, they only care about
    ejaculating once and getting the fuck out of there. Talk about being a selfish pig.
    Guys who get invited back again, and again are guys who makes sure that their partner not
    only orgasms once, twice, there times but back to back to back, for as long as possible. In
    other words, they’re trying to be the Manny Pacquaio at the bed room. You know, kind of
     throwing one punch after the other, beat that pussy up, and make her scream until her head’s
    about to blow open. Do you think that woman will want to give you up as a sex partner? Of
    course not, because you’ve probably given her the intense orgasms that she fantasized about
    for years. Be that dude.