10 Reasons Why Live Sex Cams Are Better Than Dating

Not to be blunt, but dating can kind of suck. (It’s the truth!)

We all know the downsides:

  • Having less free time
  • Fully committing to someone
  • The ridiculous amount of money you have to fork out
  • And lets not even get started on peoples families!

We could go on and on about the disadvantages, but there are definitely benefits to dating as well. For instance, the fun involved, personal connections that are developed, and of course, the sex is awesome!

But what if you could get all the benefits without the overwhelming hassles of dating?

Well, I’ve got 2 words for you: Sex Cams.

If you don’t know much about live cams or cybersex, then we suggest taking a peek at this list of 4 Key Tips for Having the Best Cybersex Online.

That’ll give you a good feel for what to do when you start using adult cam sites. Afterall, once you’ve read this blog post, we know that you’ll be on the hunt for the best sex cams sites since we’re going to convince you that they’re way better than dating!

In fact, we’ve got 10 persuasive reasons why sex cams blow traditional dating out of the water:

#1. It’s All About You

Going on a date, then just talking or bragging about yourself the entire time can be a huge turn-off.

This isn’t the case with cam shows. The models that hang out in video sex chat rooms enjoy simply listening and talking to people.

In fact, you’ll find that even though cam modeling may be labeled as something exclusively sexual, a whole lot of people spend most of their time in private shows just talking and developing a relationship with the broadcaster.

#2. There’s No Commitment

If you’re trying to date and aren’t looking for a commitment to someone, then you’re probably going to be out of luck. In fact, you might as well just go to nightclubs and try hooking up with someone in a one-night stand instead.

Or you can skip the rejection and stigma’s associated with random hookups and try out sex cams!

Most adult chat sites with cam functionality will let you pick out whoever you want to chat with, then slide into a private chat room together. From there you can get naughty with your partner, and best of all, it’s about as low commitment as it gets!

#3. Cams Are Cheaper Than Dating

The amount of money spent casually dating can seriously add up. Think about it, paying for fancy meals, frequently going to the movies, expensive coffee dates, impressive clothing – we could go on forever!

Some adult cam platforms allow you to use credits to go into private sex shows or send tips to models. In return, you can get naughty over webcam with them or just be granted their undivided attention for as long as you want!

If either sex or attention is your primary reason for dating, then live cams will likely save a ton of money and leave you way more satisfied.

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For some examples of what you might be able to do with credits, check out this post on activities to do with your cam site credits.

#4. Hotter Girls (or Guys!) Online

Most people aren’t too picky when they’re looking to hook up with someone. However, if you were in a relationship, wouldn’t you want your significant other to be as sexy as possible?

One of the most appealing things about sex cams is that sites are full of extremely attractive broadcasters. Step up your standards by only allowing yourself to sex chat with people where you like their personalities in addition to being very attracted to them.

#5. There’s Way More Variety

A huge limiting factor in dating is that you’re usually forced into meeting someone from your local area. This makes it pretty unlikely that you’re going to find the perfect person for you.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice with sex cam sites is the sheer number of people online. The obvious benefit to this is that there’s a ton of variety to choose from with all those people live on cam. Couple that with features like sorting options and it makes finding the right model for you a piece of cake!

#6. Let Your Personality Shine

Judgment and first impressions go hand in hand with dating. Like you probably already know, this makes being insanely attractive provide an enormous advantage in the real world.

Well, it’s quite the opposite when you’re hanging out in sex chat rooms. Since it’s common for folks to stay off cam while sex chatting with a broadcaster, it makes personality reign as king. Let your true self shine without the judgment or impressions based on looks.

#7. It Takes Less Time

Earlier we mentioned that dating takes commitment, but that doesn’t stop at just giving one person your attention. It’s also a huge time sink to go on dates, keep in touch and even go as far as making sure your significant other is ‘feeling okay’.

With sex cams, everything having to do with time is much more efficient. Finding someone cool to chat with is easy since there’s a ton of variety to choose from online. Talk as little or as much as you want with your chosen partner, then go into a private chat room to go even further!

#8. Cut Straight to the Sex

Ah, yes! This is the juiciest reason why sex cams are so amazing. We all know how much work it takes to get someone in bed with you, and it’s even harder to do it with someone you might actually like! Even with apps like Tinder where it’s assumed that you’re only there to hookup, you’ve still got to at least meet up for coffee and get to know each other first.

What if you could do it the other way around?

With live cams, you’re able to immediately watch video streams and see if you’re sexually attracted to them.

Next, it’s as easy as saying, “What’s up!” in their chat room and going straight into a private sex show. It’s totally safe, very satisfying and you might just hit it off with whoever your partner is!

#9. See Each Other More Often

Fitting dating into your schedule can be a huge hassle, and it can even drag down other important things in your life.

This limits how often you’re actually able to ‘see people’.

Let’s combine all the things we’ve talked about so far with live cams being a low commitment, straightforward process. It’s easy to see how you can fit in a few minutes every day to chat with people on cam since all that’s required is a device with an internet connection!

#10. Open up as Little or as Much as You Want

Discussing more personal details at the beginning of a relationship is usually a red flag when dating. We’re talking about stuff like past relationships, your financial situation or some random family drama. Alternatively, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while and refuse to open up over time, then that could be a total dealbreaker.

Just like we previously mentioned, when using sex cams as a social or sexual outlet, it’s all about you. Feel free to open up to the partner you’re chatting with and share as little or as much as you want.

It’s not exactly a therapy session, but you’re not going to be judged or rejected for opening up to a cam model. In all likelihood, they’ll actually enjoy listening and might even reciprocate anything they may have in common with you.

Now that you’re totally sold on sex cams, how about you pick out a website to go have fun on! There’s a bunch of qualified resources out there that can help you pick out the right one for you, like the TalkToBabes Toplist. Alternatively, you can check out our own list of the Top 3 Best Live Sex Cams UK Chat Rooms!